372 Portrait of Tommy Remengesau, the president of Palau. Watercolor

2015-02-28aThis is Tommy Remengesau, the president of Palau, yet another microcountry in the pacific ocean – I start to get the idea that the majority of the faces in this series might be leaders from these countries.

I’m starting to feel rather mechanical with these portraits.. 240 is a lot, and there’s still a long way to go. It also seems like my followers on wordpress are starting to get a little bored – but hold on! There’s only a couple of hundred left! I do want to finish them, and I also thing that they’re evolving.. In one direction or another. For some reason I think that the ones from a few weeks back were better than they are now. Tomorrow’s the first of March, and there’ll be a new location for “the virtual paintout” – I’m looking forward to do another google streetview perspective!

The painting above is part of my “Rulers of the World” series – in case you hadn’t guessed!
I painted it from this photo

Over and out !

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  1. I can assure you that I’m not bored. Every face is different and I enjoy seeing how you render the textures and the tones. You are also occasionally teaching me some geography.

    I agree with Kirkistan, however, that mixing it up a bit with some variety might be a plus not just to your viewers but to you too.

  2. This is a wonderful portrait. I’ve not been following for the others. I like it because it is loose and the values are good. Every time I see someone do many works for many days, I see improvement in their work. Good for you doing this.


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