370 Portrait of Fernando Chui, the Chief Executive of Macau – Drawing in charcoal and pencil

2015-02-26aThis is Fernando Chui, the Chief Executive of Macau – I was not 100% sure who is the real head of state of Macau – there are three people mentioned on wikipedia, and the people with the word “president” in their titles just had much shorter wikipedia articles. That’s how you know if somebody is concidered important or not i suppose !  – Anyway, if I am wrong, please tell me who the real head-of-state is, and I’ll do his/her portrait.

This is just a really quick pencil sketch with some really quick charcoal on top. I destroyed his nose – it was better in the beginning.. But you can’t have it all i suppose.

He’s part of my “Rulers of the World” series, that you should have a look at.

And here’s the article where I found the picture

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