359 Portrait of Muhammad Fuad Masum

2015-02-17aThis is Muhammad Fuad Masum, the president of Iraq

And let’s not forget that – Iraq has a real president, although the face of the murderous madman speading chaos in the reagion right now seems to appear a lot more often in the newspapers.


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I haven’t been too happy with my portraits the last couple of days. I’m not feeling it too much. I am working on one (or two or three) bigger portraits in the same time as i do these smaller regular paintings. Somebody contacted me to commision work.. Is that crazy or what? 5 months in and i get to do commisions. If it reassures you in any way, I’ll say that the bigger paintings I’m working on look a lot better than the one above. The person comissioning them found me via this site, so I figure that he is satisfied with the level of my work.

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