347 Portrait of Klaus Iohannis

2015-02-08aThis is Klaus Iohannis, the president of Romania

I think that the portrait turned out pretty good, although not completely true to the reference photo. I think his mouth is a little wider in reality – I gace him a slightly worried look here.

See the original photo here

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9 thoughts on “347 Portrait of Klaus Iohannis”

      • Suppose managers would be much more instantly recognizable because of media coverage – I struggle to recognize world leaders, though your painting style is coming on like a house on fire….!!

        • Thanks.. Well I do like the idea of doing a series of portraits like this one.. For me, i think that part of the fun is also that i discover something about countries that i didn’t know anything about before.. With world leaders, I can just go through the complete list, and while Barack Obama is someone that everybody can recognize, it’s very few people who know Tshering Tobgay.. I find that there’s something curious about putting them up next to one another because they’re both leaders of a country, but other than that probably very different..

          • Good point, and you’re right about maximizing the knowledge factor – I’m consciously trying to use blogging generally to extend my awareness of other cultures. Brits tend to have an Island mentality!

          • I know the feeling.. Sometimes when looking at the headlines i get the feeling that the world consists of only EU and USA (and theese days it’s iraq, syria and ukraine too).. Turns out it’s pretty big, though 😉

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