333 Portrait of Mike Eman

2015-01-29aSee the original photo here and the rest of my “Rulers of the World” series here

This is Mike Eman, the prime minister of Aruba.
Stricktly speaking, Aruba is part of the Netherlands, but they do have their own parliment, and they do have a prime minister, so I think they qualify.
Aruba has a population af around one hundred thousand, the island is located 29km north of the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. It hardly ever rains, and it seems pretty nice.

Mike Eman above, who looks quite a bit like my boss at my nightshift at the warehouse, is the prime minister of Aruba.
I think the drawing turned out alright. The angle looks sort of saint-like, so Mike, if you need some promotional material for your next campaign, give me a call.
The colors are a little messy, and he’s really really red, but then he’s in the Aruban People’s Party.

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    • Yeah, you don’t see a lot of those “hesitatingly sacrificing ones remaining not-gray-hairs in accepting a big and important task for the greater good of human kind because it’s the responsible, yet not agreeable thing to do” kind of rulers..


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