326 Portrait of David Cameron

2015-01-26cafter this photo

This is the third one I’ve done today, and I dare say that it’s the best as well. The skin is made up of reds, yellow and brown. I tried blending them on the paper in stead of mixing the paints before applying them. I think it makes for a more interesting result. The “blacks” are a mix of dark blue and dark red – it looks a little weird. Especially the hair.

Anyway, even though I have a whole internet before me that’s completely loaded with good reference photos, I always spend some time on thinking about what (who) to draw.. So today i thought, why now choose a theme, and make a series. So I picked one – “rulers of the world” – there’s a lot of them to choose from. I’m thinking that I can keep going for a half year before i run out of heads-of-state.. So why not?
This is of course David Cameron. I made him look a little extra important. He IS a prime minister after all.

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