321 Portrait of Martin Luther King

2015-01-24aHere’s a link to the original photo
I’m liking this concept of focusing on value, and then choosing whatever colors you want. I think this turned out really good. I tried working with very wet paper. Everybody says that that’s the real charm with watercolor, but i suppose I just never had the courage to really go ahead and to it.. I did end up erasing certain potential highlights, and it’s not dark enough in the darker parts, but it’s something I want to continue experimenting with.

In other news: I’ve been playing a little with social networks these last days, so i now have a “One Drawing Daily” account on various sites.

One of them is Reddit, where I created a new sub-reddit called “/r/onedrawingdaily
I was thinking that perhaps other people would like to join in in that sort of little community, and maybe share their own daily drawings in this sort of bulletin board where we could discuss, critique, or give suggestions to one another?

Other than that, I did a facebook account called “One Drawing Daily” – nothing special, but I post my daily drawings in there too I’ve got three likes so far ;)Other than that, my drawings can be seen on tumbler.

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