0 thoughts on “310 Baby portrait”

  1. I think your mouth proportions are just about right but it needs some shading on either side of the top of the nose to accentuate the eye sockets. Good though. I love your use of colour. I am still experimenting with watercolour, so no expert here.

  2. I find it’s a different result if I work from a photo of a person I know (or someone that’s meant to be recognised)… to when I draw/paint a candid picture of someone whose features I have the liberty to improvise with.
    Basically, just to say that maybe the proportions seem off to you because this is a person that you are trying to realistically represent? To me, this baby seems well proportioned. And then comes stylization… You can give yourself that flexibility to exaggerate features, and the person’s essence will still come across; sometimes even more so.
    But then that’s down to your personal style I guess and what you want to achieve. In any case i’m enjoying watching your progress!

    • Thank you! I actually don’t know this child, but her parent requested a portrait, so i decided to give it a try.. But i suppose it’s the same story. To him, it’s his daugther, so it’s important that the portait resembles her. It’s true though that art should hold the artists interpretation as well


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