300 Baby portrait


This is my 300’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 !
And it’s the first baby I’ve ever drawn.. The real one is cuter – see him here
It’s a little iritating that he ended up with that cookey look because of the placement of the eyes. I need to begin to step back and look at my drawing before starting with the paint.

It’s on 350 gram A3 Paper. So it’s the biggest watercolor painting I’ve done so far.. It took almost three hours (and I’m charged with schoolwork.. what AM i doing?)
I’d live to hear peoples suggestions and critiques. It’s the first time that i use masking fluid in the hair, and i think it turned out okay although I’m not quite there

And by the way – the paper is too big to fit in my scanner, so i took a photo – the colors may not be 100%

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      • My easel broke and I have yet to replace it. I, therefore, used to have my drawing board resting on my knees but leaning against a chair back in front of me when I attended life drawing. That system works pretty well. I do need to replace my easel but there is always something else that needs the money more. Worth a try anyway.


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