271 Portrait of old man 2


I did another one, and this one I’m pretty happy about – if you’re unmotivated and unhappy about what you just did, do another one. These shall be my wise words of today.
the original photo is here – I do not know the guy, but he just looks so friendly that i am convinced that he will not sue me.

I just wanted to share a link with you – One of my frequent readers (or viewers, since this blog is all about pictures i suppose), kirkistan is has been drawing every day since the first of December. I Think that he might be continuing into 2015 which would be awesome to see. I’m only 3½ months into drawing everyday myself, so I don’t consider myself the most qualified person to advice someone who’s learning to draw (although i do it anyway)  – so I’m going to recommend that you head over to his blog – I’m going to keep following his progress in 2015. Here’s his blog

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  1. Wow! Thanks! Now the pressure is on. I must do it! I fear your readers who follow the link will be deeply disappointed at the juvenile nature of my drawings. But. Well. Learning! Thanks again.


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