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    • It’s getting more and more rare. But there is no doubt that an analogue sketch has qualities that are impossible to mimick with computer-renderings. There’s also the aspect of communication with the client. A computerised version signalises something that’s “finished” and unchangeable. It’s got it’s clear form, straight lines, materials, light and shadows, whereas a sketch signalises oppourtunity. This is something that seems to be in progress. Ironically, you often see architects print out their computer-renderings, and trace a more messy hand-sketch from them – just in order to send the right signals to the client.. In my mind it’s sad that architecture gets reduced to something like that, but it’s a business as so much else. I’ve sometimes seen watercolur used in the conceptual beginning phases – but never in the finished product..

      • That’s very interesting. I never thought of a printed version coming across as “finished”, but the atmosphere of a hand-made sketch certainly carries a live energy that enhances imagination in the viewer.

        Thanks for your reply 🙂


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