243 Portrait of Miles Davis

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I wish i could spend more time on this each day. I feel like one drawing or painting is just “warmup”.. They usually get better if i do a couple of them.

Today it’s the 9th December – I’ve been drawing every day for 3 whole months (except for that one day i missed in the beginning!) – as of now, that’s a total of 243 drawings, and if you go back in the archives, you should be able to see a clear improvement. It works, it’s fun and it’s addictive! I was happy with my gorilla a few days back, and not as happy with Hopkins and the Miles Davis portrait of today, but seeing everything in a larger context helps to see an overall improvement.

If you’ve read my “about me” page, you know that I have this crazy goal – after drawing every day for two years, I want to expose my art somewhere, somehow. Time will clarify the where and how’s – You can always find someone who’s got low standards – but i hope to set the bar a little higher in 21 months time. And i hope to get out of my native town, country, etc. Why not? A public library in Canada or India could be just as willing as one in Denmark.. Or maybe a gallery of sorts?
At some point i need to start producing stuff outside of my sketchbooks (it could be fun to have drawings from the beginning until the end of the two years) – i have a lot of paper laying around so that shouldn’t hold me back.. Maybe i ought to do one big drawing/painting per week or something.

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  1. I know what you mean about doing a few paintings at a time. It usually takes awhile to warm up. And finding that big chunk of time is difficult. Still…you’re doing great! Only 3 months, amazing progress. And you have your own distinctive style that is there no matter the subject matter or media.


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