236 – Portrait of MultipleThomas


It’s a self-portrait, but it’s not after a mirror.

It’s actually not a self-portrait, but a portrait after a portrait of myself. What do you call that?

The original version is here

I added the beard because this way it corresponds better with the way i see myself.

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  1. I don’t know what you’d call it, but I call a vote for another from this portrait… and then another from that…and then another from that one…..and then another…….etc, etc…… Pretty please.

  2. It doesn’t matter what they call it. You expressed yourself and it is a good expression. It offers humor, expressing yourself in a different way. An experiment that worked.

    • Thanks! I really like to work with it.. I know that it’s excellent with street scenes and landscapes aswell. I think that I’ll be trying that soon. And then I don’t want to completely forget about pencil and ink in my enthousiasm for watercolour !

    • The easy answer is that I’m having fun with it. I just sort of get dragged in with each drawing – it’s not at all a chore, it’s fun, and that makes me just wan’t to keep drawing all day. Perspectives are the only excepion – for some reason they seem like a chose, because they’re much less intuitive.. I have to think about the lines, count the windows, get the details right, and i contantly make errors.. Errors are more forgiving when you’re drawing organic things i think. All the feedback that i get on this blog also helps a lot. It really motivates me to see people reacting to what i do.. I haven’t always been as motivated as i am now. Two years ago – last time that i wanted to learn to draw, it was harder to get things done and I didn’t draw nearly as much. I don’t know really..


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