234 Portrait of Peter Zumpthor


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Does anybody have any tips as to make that kind of beard-stubbles in watercolour? I’m also curious as to which colour people normally chose for making beards and hair. This guy has got white hair – I did it in a very light blue, with some black tones in it. It’s almost invisible, and the little hair you see to the right, mostly looks like a void.

I’m reasonably satisfied with this portrait. I agree when people say that a portrait should rely more on feeling than on realism, but i would have liked to portray this guy’s “serious” air a little better. I think that my portrait shows him a little more from a soft side.

It’s hard to only do one per day !

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  1. If you can spare the time for experimenting, try my trick. Cut the brush by half, dip it into the color you’s going to use (only use little amount of water to mix it), then use the brush vertically to make multiple pints as the beard stubs. That’s what I did with my latest drawing of Tyrion Lanniester.

  2. I like this portrait a lot. I think you handled the beard really well, as you did with the graying or white hair. Read up about spatter with a toothbrush. The artist can block off portions of a painting to be lightly spattered. That would give the effect of beard stubble.


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