233 Portrait of Cristopher Lee


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You might have noticed that I “only” posted one lonely little drawing yesterday – I think that the same will be the case for today.

Although painting and drawing is of great benefit to me in terms of me being an architecture student, I have to admit that i spend way too much time on it. I have my master thesis waiting around the corner, so what am I doing posting 7 drawings a day here?
When I get into something that i love doing, i get obsessive about it. Making art is definitely no exception, but i think that for now, i need to cut down to just what the title of my blog suggests: One drawing daily.

It’s a little frustrating, because i really want to evolve my skill and eventually my art – and I do have those bold long-term goals on my “about” page – but I’m not some lonely cabin-dweller in a deep forest cut away from civilization and obligations, so as is the case for most people, leisure must fall back to the benefit of more pressing things.

Maybe this would be a good time to kill off my “motto” of “quantity quantity quantity” (yeah, laugh if you will ;)) – and start focusing on the quality of the one drawing instead.

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  1. Do what you can fit into your day. If you need to skip a day entirely, that’s OK. Sometimes pressure of time and deadlines can kill creative mojo anyway.

    Lovely painting by the way. My kids recognized Count Dooku right away.

  2. Having known both architects and architecture students and how their work eats up their time…what you’ve been doing is amazing! Sometimes different parts of our life take priority. Do it when you can.


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