232 Self-portrait #30


This one actually looks like me. I’m really happy about it.

I sat in front of a strong lamp with warm light – not nearly as warm is in the painting – this, obviously is an error.. But a good one i dare say. I thought that i did the same colour-blend as is the David Lynch painting from yesterday – but as soon as my brush touched the paper, i saw that something was wrong. I’ll paint you another one closer to reality at some point. For now, it’s expressionism.

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  1. I think I once told you about Egon Scheile. This immediately reminded me of his work. The expressions in your self portraits are so truthful. I know many of them don’t “look” like you in a realism way but the expressions are so good that it makes for a very interesting piece. RL Stevenson wrote that “feeling is the law” and I very much agree with that in art. It’s more important than realism. And because of this, it makes all your self portraits better art works than the other more realistic portraits. You let go when you do self portraits. You are looking at more than your face. Well done.


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