0 thoughts on “228 Watercolur leaf”

  1. To be honest, at first glance I thought you painted a form of origami. The colors a nice. Being that the leaf is crisp its form has probably changed a bit. It’s a good work.

  2. I thought that was a piece of origami too! Can’t see the leaf no matter how I look at it :p

    I’m certainly not a pro, but I’ve come to realise that watercolour is a beautiful medium. Other than using the conventional method of putting wet paint on dry paper, perhaps you could try experimenting with wet on wet as well. That might help with the blending of colours. Also, don’t be afraid to use more water, you can always siphon away the excess with a dry brush and some paper towels.

    Here’s a 7-minute video which I found particularly useful when I first started using watercolour (it’s how to paint a leaf too!): http://youtu.be/zlPD0xtkfJ0

    Hope that’ll help 🙂


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