223 Skulls


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Skulls and bones are quite facinating… I’d like to have some kind of object in the house that could be interresting to draw repeatedly from different angles and with different light-settings.. Not a human skull – don’t worry ! But something that has an organic interesting shape with bumps, holes, cracks and marks.. I have my own face for self-portraits.. my hands and so on, but a inanimate object that doesn’t move and that has these organic qualities at the same time would be great.. Maybe i should go out and look for a small sculpture of some kind.. Art sure costs a lot of money, though..

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  1. One of my professional artist friends has a human skull for drawing purposes. He was gifted it by someone who bought it in a flea market in the 1920s. We drew it a lot. A mutual friend of ours who was a retired criminal pathologist even studied the skull and determined it was a young woman’s. We still drew it.

    Anyway, if you want something interesting to draw as a still life, how about a chunk of tree bark? Another interesting exercise is to scrumple up a white piece of paper and draw it. It’s a great exercise in tonal range. Draped fabric is also good to draw.

  2. An anatomic skull is in my Santa’s wish-list, it’s just a shame that Santa doesn’t exist… Meanwhile I study from pictures, which is not quite the same :/ really like your study by the way!


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