222 Self-portrait #27


Here we go again.

I got a comment from Matthias pointing out that my self-portraits seem to be much less realist than my other portraits. He’s right, and I’ve been thinking the same for some time. So with this one, i have tried to take my time, focus, and be precise about it – I think it turned out fairly well. My wife says that it doesn’t look like her husband at all, but i don’t agree totally with her.

I’ll cut my hair today – i have a fancy machine for that.. Like the one they use for sheep. I get kind of chocked the first few times iI see myself in the mirror afterwards, but then you get used to it. So stay tuned for the next self-portrait!

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  1. I really like your portraits. The way we see ourselves is not necessarily the way others see us and I like the different angles and aspects they present. How do you feel today? Not the same as yesterday I bet. That shows in the way you portray your face.

    • I think you’re very right.. I do a lot of self-portraits because i don’t have people lining up to sit for me.. The easiest thing is just to draw myself, but it’s true that this can be very personal. When doing a self-portrait you just can’t help but share some of your personality as well – the equivalent in writing would just be straight out sharing all thoughts and preoccupations with the world, which would be way too intimate for me – an image, perhaps, will confess a feeling, but nothing more detailed. Doing self-portraits often will probably be interesting to look back on – not just to see how my skill is improving, but also for me to reflect upon whatever was going on at that time.


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