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  1. This very well done. I do have an observation. I hope you won’t take it as negative criticism. It is merely an observation. When you do a portrait of another person they are so clear and you are able to truly capture the feeling of the piece. When you do a self-portrait, it seems like you are struggling with something.

    The style of your self-portraits are different, almost impressionist, where I could term this portrait as more realist. It is like you are having trouble expressing the feeling of yourself. Like, in your self-portraits, they are more mechanical, lacking the emotion and feeling within work.

    As I have said before, when I look at a work of art the first thing I ask is, “How does this make me feel?” I can feel the energy and passion from this portrait but, in your self-portraits, it is like you are struggling with how to express who you are.

    Like I said, just an observation.

    • My self portraits and the portraits i do from photos certaintly don’t look alike. I wondering what might be the cause myself. I think that, for one thing, I have troubles focusing when drawing from a mirror – instead of reproducing excactly what i see, i try to capture the essentials relatively quickly. It’s a little like life-drawing i suppose. It’s funny, though, that even when i decide to take my time and be more realist about it (as were the idea with drawing #201) it still turns out the same way. Maybe you’re on to something, but i think that the situation in which I’am drawing (mirror/photo) matters a gread deal aswell. I’ll try to force myself to dwell longer on my self portraits. Thanks for the comment!


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