207 first time inker, long time wanting-to-inker, (hand)


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analogrevolutionart suggested that i might start to get into other medium – she mentioned india-ink. I have long admired ink drawings, but have never gotten as far as to try it myself, but today i went out and bought myself a little bottle. It’s not india-ink, it’s china ink, but the lady in the store throught that it might be the same thing.
I got out my brush, and drew yet another hand. I really like it, but i think that it takes some getting used to. It’s a whole new set of techniques, and it isn’t all that i learned from pencil-drawing that i can take on further.. Which is great! I think that this is something that i can have great fun with.
I think the hand above is OK for a first try, but it might be too over worked. Anyway it was just a for a test – it almost doesn’t bleed through the paper by the way. Almost.

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  1. That’s a great first drawing with ink! Seriously well done. Ink is my primary medium. I love the balance between control and no control, that I can add but not take away. Enjoy exploring this new medium.


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