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  1. I think your hands are definitely getting better! #199 was also really good.

    I’m always hearing that drawing from life is very helpful, but I’ve noticed that you do a bunch of drawing from photos as well & it seems to be working for you. Do you see any difference yourself – I guess in your learning/improvement – when you work from photos vs. models/life?

    • I tend to be more precise when drawing from a photo. The subject doesn’t move, and usually the lighting is good, so there are shadowns to make it more lively on the drawing. I think that perhaps photo’s are ok for recognizing shape, perspective, tone and so on, but to understand anatomy and movement, i get more out of drawing from real life, because you’re “freezing” the motif in the middle of whatever it’s doing. When the camera does that for you, you loose a lot of information that may not end up visible in your drawing, but will help you understand the “thing” and then maybe draw it in another manner.. In reality it’s just much easier to find something on google and sip a coffee while drawing it, than getting out in the snowstorm ;).


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