Monthly Archive: April, 2016

How could I not draw this??

This fine gentleman posted a rather amusing photo of himself on redditgetsdrawn  790 

Another redditor. Glasses and a cap

This guy’s glasses ended up a little too small and a little too high on his nose, making his head seem a little longer than it is. 789

Yet another beard

And the line of beards goes on. This is yet another redditor 788

A morning redditor in pen

Another quick portrait of a user from Reddit Gets Drawn 787

A baby from reddit gets drawn


Another beardo – a little too loose. 

from Instagram:

Drawing of a beard with a face behind it

784 Here’s a very bearded person who put his photo up on redditgetsdrawn. Sorry about the quality of th photo and all that.. I’m thinking 

Cat and a.. Thing


Drawing of Azura the cat in pen

Originally posted on Pet Portraits by Thomas Clausen:
This custom drawing is of a cat called Azura. I did this artwork from a photo provided by Azura’s owner after having seen my art…