Custom holiday gift group portrait of four pets in pen and watercolor

Here’s my 780th drawing since I started drawing (almost) every day! – Rather than making a separate blogpost about it, I figured I’d just reblog it. Hope you like it!

Pet Portraits by Thomas Clausen

Group portrait of two dogs and two cats in pen and watercolor

This is a custom drawing in pen and watercolor done on A3 size paper.
I was approached by the owner of these four, who asked if I could do a group portrait of her two cats and two dogs for a Christmas present. As always, I was more than happy to give it a shot. The owner emailed me several photos of each animal and I was able to cut and paste the individual pictures to compose a base to work from. Since this is four faces in one picture, I suggested that I draw it on A3 size paper, so the faces wouldn’t become too small in the drawing. I started by drawing the two labs and the cats in pencil, to tune in on the general shapes on the paper. I then went more detailed with a thin ink pen, and gradually erased the pencil lines. The…

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