Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Sketchy self-portrait

It’s been thousands upon thousands of years since I last did a self-portrait. I thought that it was due time than I cram one in there between all the cats. So here’s me… Continue reading

Lounging cat sketch

This is a cat named Niko requested by @vickisarris on twitter Don’t forget that you can request a free sketch of your pet if you want! I’ve been neglecting this blog for a… Continue reading

11 tired sketches and drawings!

A quick sketch of a happy dog! This is a pencil perspective that I’m using as a means of visualization on a project I am making in architecture school. This is the same… Continue reading

Five drawings – After a few slow days

A quick dog sketch that I actually think turned out quite ok. This one went  a little bezerk, but I still think it has some of the atmosphere of the reference photo I’m… Continue reading