Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Smiling baby sketch

Sometimes I get a little over-confident at go at it too fast. I this one got  a little too messy, and the eyes got weird even though I actually went over them with… Continue reading

Angry portrait of Turkish president Erdogan

  There’s some crazy stuff going on in the world, and my intention is not for this sketch to be a comment on a conflict that I don’t understand even a fraction of.… Continue reading

Little face in profile

Once you get started with Reddit gets drawn it gets hard to stop! People just keep posting great photos to draw from! I rarely draw in profile, so this one was fun. I… Continue reading

Another redditor rendered in pen

Here’s another sketch from Reddit gets drawn – this one of a girl wearing sunglasses – I think she actually wears a pair of ordinary glasses underneath, but I didn’t put that in… Continue reading

Sketch of a user from “Reddit gets drawn”

I get so many requests for cats and dogs, so since I have a little more time on my hands now, I felt like doing a portrait of an actual person. This guy… Continue reading

Another lounging dog – in pencil

All the pets I draw these days tend to hang around in very comfortable poses and positions. Here’s a drawing of a Labrador retriever looking like he’s considering something important. Or very deep.… Continue reading

Sketch of a delightully silly dog

I stumbled across a blog called CocoaBean Adventures, where I found a photo of this wonderfully silly dog (Called Coco) Cocoa’s owner didn’t request a free sketch – I did this out of… Continue reading

A sketch of a cat in oil pastels

I did this sketch upon a request from @WitchetyMog on twitter. Mostly, my drawings are in pen, but I’ve got a few different art materials laying around that I don’t have the slightest… Continue reading

Sketch of a turtle

Here’s a turtle called Raru. A sketch requested through my free sketch page I did another turtle drawing over a year ago. That time in pencil. I might have taken a little better… Continue reading

Friday cat

  Here’s todays pet sketch – Another lounging cat! – I’m going to start a new commission drawing this evening, and maybe something that is not a cat as well! 738