Angry portrait of Turkish president Erdogan

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-24e sketch turkish president erdogan


There’s some crazy stuff going on in the world, and my intention is not for this sketch to be a comment on a conflict that I don’t understand even a fraction of. This is Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the middle of a very agitated speech – the photo is from google images and has nothing to do with today’s event, but I think it was a good exercise in sketching a very expressive face.

I used to do this series of “Rulers of the world” where the idea is to make a portrait of each head of state in the world. I stopped before I was half-way there, but why not add another face to the list today?


Little face in profile

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-24d sketch of boy in profile

Once you get started with Reddit gets drawn it gets hard to stop! People just keep posting great photos to draw from!
I rarely draw in profile, so this one was fun. I really like the white skin against the black background. The woolly clothing was and remains a challenge. I haven’t figured out a great way to render that..

This was my 745th sketch since the 9th September 2014!

Another redditor rendered in pen

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-24c sketch of redditor in pen.jpg

Here’s another sketch from Reddit gets drawn – this one of a girl wearing sunglasses – I think she actually wears a pair of ordinary glasses underneath, but I didn’t put that in the drawing.

I just did another sketchy portrait a few moment ago.. Check that one out too!

I’m not too fond of the hand. Maybe I should get back to drawing more hands again.


Sketch of a user from “Reddit gets drawn”

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-24b sketch of redditor in pen

I get so many requests for cats and dogs, so since I have a little more time on my hands now, I felt like doing a portrait of an actual person. This guy posted his photo on Reddit gets drawn  – a great source for photos with often very motivating receivers. And also a great place to get a free drawing done !

I hope you like it – I’m off to post it on reddit now.

This was my 743th sketch since 9th September 2014.

Another lounging dog – in pencil

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-24a sketch of a lounging dog in pencil

All the pets I draw these days tend to hang around in very comfortable poses and positions. Here’s a drawing of a Labrador retriever looking like he’s considering something important. Or very deep. Or food related.

A few months ago, I remember thinking that I’ve somehow made a breakthrough in regards to composition and disposition of the paper. Well, I was wrong. These days, for some reason, I seem to constantly need to correct a jaw, make a nose smaller or cut off ears in order to make my sketch fit on the paper. As you see in this one, I’ve got plenty of space above the pup’s head, but the chin seems to be a little compact (and it is – the photo is not like that!).. I suppose I better start planning out my drawings a little better from the beginning.

This one was another free drawing request


Sketch of a delightully silly dog

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-23b sketch of a lounging dog

I stumbled across a blog called CocoaBean Adventures, where I found a photo of this wonderfully silly dog (Called Coco)

Cocoa’s owner didn’t request a free sketch – I did this out of my own initiative, because I once did a lot of sketches for cat/dog bloggers and had a lot of fun doing so, so I’m hoping that I could get some more requests from bloggers again!

I used to think that there were no such thing as “x being harder to draw than y” – It’s all just a question of “copying” textures, lines and shades down on paper after all. But after drawing hundreds of cats and dogs, I think that I’ve changed my mind on that one! Dogs are more difficult to get right for some reason. I think it’s do to their long noses that somehow forces the portraitist to work with perspective lines! It’s quite funny when you think of it. Anyway – getting an angle wrong on a dogs nose is much more visible than getting it wrong on a cat’s more compact facial features. That being said, I love drawing dogs. Especially in weird poses like Cocoa here!

This was my….

741th sketch since 9th September 2014.


A sketch of a cat in oil pastels

oil pastel sketch of a cat

I did this sketch upon a request from @WitchetyMog on twitter. Mostly, my drawings are in pen, but I’ve got a few different art materials laying around that I don’t have the slightest idea how to use. So this one is in oil pastels! – with a little graphite thrown in. Oil pastels (and dry pastels too really) are really difficult to control in my world. In fact, you need to use special paper, and probably draw much bigger than my usual 4×6 inches – oh and then there are techniques. I just have fun with it. I’ve seen people do amazing things with pastels – and even the so-called “photo realistic” drawings, which seems like quite a feat. It’ll never be my goal, though, I’ve got a camera that can make photo-realistic paintings in 1/40th of a second. If I were do draw in pastels more often, I’d probably use it to make something more expressive (or let’s say messy!).


Sketch of a turtle

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-22a sketch of a turtle

Here’s a turtle called Raru. A sketch requested through my free sketch page

I did another turtle drawing over a year ago. That time in pencil. I might have taken a little better care of getting her legs in the frame and all, but otherwise I think that this turtle turned out pretty good. The texture on the scales can be a little hard to render with quick pen strokes as well as the wrinkled skin on the head and feet. It could be fun to make a more thorough turtle-drawing at some point.