Monthly Archive: October, 2015

Three drawings from the last couple of days

This is a sketch I did for someone called Taryn – I like how it turned out with the eyes, and I threw in that black outline that I’ve done a few times… Continue reading

Quick sketch of three crazy cats

I just scanned this one, so I thought that I might as well post it! These three cats belong to the Mad Cat Lady – go take a look at her blog! If… Continue reading

Two sketches and a commission drawing

Hi everyone. I’m checking in with three new cat-portraits. Two are sketches and one is a commissioned cat portrait in pen that  is slightly overdue. I hope that the owner will like it!… Continue reading

An update of 9 Sketches

This cat is called Dawn. Dawn can be found over at the blog called “Life with dog and cats”. When Dawn’s owner saw the sketch I did, she published a blog post about… Continue reading

15 sketches of cats and dogs from the last few days

Hi everyone! I’m still out there drawing! I’ve missed a few days here and there. I’m pretty busy with schoolwork – so this is just me trying to stay afloat with (almost) daily… Continue reading