Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Win a portrait of your pet! + Interview + Fresh portrait of Merlin the cat!

I’ve been interviewed by a cat! Who would have thought it possible? I’m amazed! And I think it turned out quite good! Come read it here: Interview with artist Thomas Clausen and pet… Continue reading

6 mediocre drawings – will make more of an effort next time :)

Sometimes you just don’t feel it. I’m pretty unsatisfied with the three dog drawings above. It’s a result of being a bit too sleepy and or careless while drawing – which reflects in… Continue reading

Two drawings of dogs

These two are drawings are what I’ve managed to produce since my last post! The first one if another one of my free pet sketches whereas the latter is a new commissioned drawing… Continue reading

8 new drawings – one is a commission drawing

Here’s another batch of drawings. Some of this and some of that. The last one is yet another commissioned drawing that you can see on my “pet portrait artist” site! Other than that,… Continue reading

Commissioned drawing of three cats in watercolor and ballpoint pen

Here’s my most recent commissioned drawing of three cats. The owner wanted to get them all together in a painting as a keepsake, but since one of them has passed away, the composition… Continue reading

11 drawings and sketches from the last few days

Another few days have gone by, and I’ve done 11 more sketches. Most of these are really quick, and two are done half asleep (and aren’t that successful) – But in general terms,… Continue reading

22 Sketches from the last three days

Oh my.. You must think that I have gone completely bonkers and / or bananas! Indeed, I have. These recent days I’ve made tons of these quick little sketches, and I’m really enjoying… Continue reading

Fourteen drawings from the last three days (!)

Two days ago I passed the 1-year mark for drawing (almost) every day! I didn’t plan on celebrating it or do anything special, mostly because I haven’t got the time. But for some… Continue reading

Drawing of a hand in ink, ink and ink

Here’s my 623’th drawing since the 9th September 2014. It’s my hand. I’ve drawn my hand tons of times since i started drawing every day, but recently, it’s all been about cats and… Continue reading

7 drawings – one of them a commission

Here’s me again with 7 fresh drawings. I’ve now made 622 drawings since the 9th September 2014 – That’s almost two a day for a year. The last few months have been a… Continue reading