Cats, dogs, commissions and a baby

Drawing of a cat in ballpoint penDrawing of a baby in ballpoint penDrawing of a dog in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat in ballpoint pen and watercolorCommissioned portrait of a cat in watercolor and ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! Here’s the latest batch from me. I keep busy with drawing (almost) every day. I still have a ton of those “free sketch requests” – mostly cats and dogs, but I was quite happy to see a photo of a cute baby girl in the mix as well! She’s cuter in the photo than in my drawing though. The two last drawings are two attempts at a new commissioned drawing. I wasn’t really happy about the first one, so I tried making a new drawing from a different photo, and it turned out better. (I think) – but I’d like to hear your opinions. Speaking about these commissions – it’s going quite well – I’ve got two-three weeks of work booked in my schedule, but I still hope that I can get some more drawings in my to-do list. I’ve made a new website (well, it’s just a wordpress blog) mostly about my commissioned cat, dog and pet drawings at –  I can’t help but feel a little strangely “pretentious” about publishing a website about “my best work” – but since I’m trying to get people to pay me for my drawings, I figured that it would be better to have some kind of official “portfolio”. Again, mostly (only) cats and dogs. I hope that once I get back to posting daily here on this blog, I can dedicate it to experimenting a little more. But that’ll be some time in the future.

See this one in particular at my portfolio site