Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Cats, dogs, commissions and a baby

Hi everyone! Here’s the latest batch from me. I keep busy with drawing (almost) every day. I still have a ton of those “free sketch requests” – mostly cats and dogs, but I… Continue reading

A quick sketch of a cat and a bunny in ballpoint pen and a commissioned cat portrait

This is my 609th and 610th drawing since the 9th September 2014 The first one is a really quick sketch requested by a facebook user. The other one is another commission – this… Continue reading

5 dog drawings. Two of them commissions

The title says it all. The first and last drawings conclude the three drawings that a Twitter user commissioned me to do. In between are three – perhaps a little too quick –… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat and a dog!

Just checking in to post my 602’nd and 603’th drawing since 9th September 2014 – The one-year mark is getting nearer!

Three new drawing in three different mediums

These are my 599th-601th drawings since the 9th September 2014. One in ballpoint pen (that’s Gene Simmons with his dog.. Hoping he might want to tweet about my drawing ;)) One in pencil… Continue reading

Drawing 2 out of three dog commissions in ballpoint pen

I’ve got a lot of drawing done today! Here’s drawing 2 out of a set of three that was commissioned by twitter user @haidehmehr a while back. See the first drawing commission here… Continue reading

First out of three commissioned dog drawings

I did a sketch for the twitter user @haidehmehr a while back. She was so happy with it that she asked me to make three new drawings – one of each of her… Continue reading

Commissioned drawing of two cats in ballpoint pen and watercolor

This is another commissioned cat-portrait that I’ve been working on yesterday and today. It’s in ballpoint pen with added watercolor, and I think it turned out quite all right. I drew this one… Continue reading

9 drawings from the last two weeks

Hi there! I’m back from my vacation – I haven’t drawn everyday, but I did manage to queue up 9 drawings for this blog. A few of them I’m quite happy about, but… Continue reading