Commissioned cat-portrait in watercolor and ballpoint pen

Drawing of Benji the cat in ballpoint pen and watercolorI actually told the person asking me to do this drawing that it might be a couple of weeks – but I just had to squeeze it into the schedule! It’s been a long time since I have dedicated more than 15-30 minutes to a drawing, so it felt really good to do this one! I’m pretty happy about it too, although I’d like to hear people’s opinions. In the auto-critique department, I’m a little worried about the cat’s “pose” – the cat is sitting perpendicularly to the camera’s angle with the head turned, but looking at it again, I think that maybe the body reads a little differently. The whiskers was really hard to paint – I have some white gouache that I use straight from the tube, but I can’t seem to find a brush that’s thin enough, so they ended upΒ  a little irregular. I signed this one – as I have signed the other two “commissions” that I’ve made (the word “commission” still tastes a little weird in my mouth) – but my handwriting is as jumpy as ever.. That’s how it is I suppose.

Anyway – I hope to ship this to England one of these days – depending on the cat-owners opinion. Next “big thing” on my list is a portrait of the dog that i posted yesterday. Also in ballpoint pen and watercolor, but in A4 size (this one is a half A4, or in other words an A5)

And this was my 568’th drawing since September 2014

Come see this one on my portfolio for commissioned watercolor and ballpoint pen pet paintings!