Monthly Archive: July, 2015

A commissioned portrait of Benji the cat in ballpoint pen

I just finished this one! It’s a “commission” of Benji the cat. I’ll ship it to the UK tomorrow before leaving for my trip! I’m really happy about this one – hope you… Continue reading

Four drawings in a new sketchbook. Three cats and two humans this time !

Here’s what I’ve managed to draw the last couple of days. I managed to squeeze in a few human portraits too. I’m really happy to have broken in a new sketchbook – this… Continue reading

A commissioned drawing of a dog called Liberty in watercolor and ballpoint pen

This is another commissioned drawing –  this time of Liberty who is a therapy-dog! The drawing was requested by the Twitter-user @MaggieBezerra – I hope you like it. This one is in A4… Continue reading

Some thoughts about where it’s going and 10 new cats and dogs!

It’s been a long time, I know! This is just to check in, and keep this blog afloat. I’m afraid to say that it still might be a while before I’m back to… Continue reading

A quick closeup drawing of a cat

Here’s a closeup of another twitter request! 569

Commissioned cat-portrait in watercolor and ballpoint pen

I actually told the person asking me to do this drawing that it might be a couple of weeks – but I just had to squeeze it into the schedule! It’s been a… Continue reading

A cat and a dog

Here’s my latest two sketches. One of a cat – and one of a dog. They’re my drawings number 566 and 567 since the 9th September 2014. They’re both really quick sketches drawn… Continue reading

Four more cats in ballpoint pen

A couple of days has gone by, and a few more cats in my sketchbook. I’ll maybe do a bigger, more thorough drawing of the third cat on the list – with added… Continue reading

Wacky dog and another cat

Here’s what I did today drawing wise.. Would you look at that dog! No – there is no creative modification of this and that and it isn’t a caricature. This majestic creature just… Continue reading

9 drawings from the last week or so

Hi everyone! This is me checking in with 9 drawings from the last week! I hope you like them! These are my 551th to 559th drawings since September 2014!