A drawing of a dog with bunny ears in ballpoint pen. You don’t see that so often.

Dog wearing bunny ears. Drawing in ballpoint pen

This is a dog with bunny ears. Period. I got a request to draw it in my inbox. It’s the first time that I have drawn this kind of cross-breed actually. Quite fascinating. A pretty thing if you ask me. I wonder if it bounces? The original photo has some large highlighted segments where you … Read more

Drawing of Baxter the dog in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a dog called Baxter in ballpoint pen

This is a request that I got from facebook! This dog is called Baxter! This was my 516th drawing since the 9th September 2014! Hey guys! Today's drawing is of Baxter! what do you think? #DogsOfTwitter #DrawMyPethttp://t.co/j87XhiNyQQ pic.twitter.com/pYkiskG8lb — Thomas Clausen (@onedrawingdaily) June 1, 2015 https://www.facebook.com/OneDrawingDaily/photos/a.865478900190862.1073741829.805993672806052/871790909559661/?type=1