Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Drawing of a cat called Holly in ballpoint pen

Here’s a drawing of a cat called Holly, missed by her owner. I used two different ballpoint pens, a little more ink-generous marker and correction fluid for the whiskers and the sparkle in… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat named Willow in ballpoint pen

Here’s a cat called WIllow. It’s a request from Twitter. You’re probably getting used to these Twitter cats by now and wondering if I will ever get on to drawing other things anytime… Continue reading

Sketch of a little cat in ballpoint pen

This is just a quick sketch this morning. I think that one of my biggest problems in drawing animals and people is to draw a “full figure” pose. I think my close-ups are… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Freddie in ballpoint pen

Here’s a drawing of yet another cat. See the original photo in the tweet below. I think that something went a little wrong with the proportions in this one. The right eye and… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Teddy in ballpoint pen

Hi guys! Here’s a drawing of a cat from twitter called Teddy. Hope you like it! 524 @onedrawingdaily Here's one of me. 😻 #gingersrule — Teddy B (@TeddyB_cat) May 25, 2015 A… Continue reading

Drawing of Cisco the dog in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! Here’s a drawing I did while using my phone to show the reference photo. I did the drawing while killing time before starting my night shift Friday evening, and while I… Continue reading

Drawing of Freya Frecklepaws the cat in ballpoint pen

Here’s a quick one i did yesterday evening. I think that it turned out okay for a quick sketch. I have over 80 requests in my queue now. It’s getting a little crazy.… Continue reading

A drawing of Maggie the pug in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! Today’s drawing is of a pug (dog) called Maggie. It’s from a request that I got on facebook a while back. I hope you like it 🙂 521

Drawing of a cat with pointy ears.

Today’s drawing! Cat with pointy ears! – requested by a user on twitter. I hope you all like it! 520 #DrawMyPet Cat drawing requested by @mozart47 – I hope you like it… Continue reading

Artemisia Tsarina of Cuteness – it’s a cat’s name. And this a drawing in ballpoint pen.

Hi everyone! Here’s a cat called Artemisia Tsarina of Cuteness (yes). The owner says she disappeared three years ago. I hope she’s some place nice! I think that this drawing is about 19… Continue reading