Streetview house somewhere in Canada. Sketched in ballpoint pen.

Streetview sketch from Canada in ballpoint penI’m sure some of my blogreaders must be tired of all the cats.. So here’s something I never do, although I keep telling myself to try and get better at it: perspective drawing!
This is a scene I picked with “RandomStreetView.Com”  – a website that sends you somewhere completely random at the click of a button! I did click a few times before chosing this one, which is a small town street in Canada. (See it here)

The perspective turned out surprisingly close to the original, even though I don’t do a lot of them.. The car was really difficult, though, and I did mess around with the ink while drawing the front and the wheels. This is the kind of sketch that works well for added watercolor. But the paper is awful – I have a new watercolor sketchbook waiting for when I manage to finish this one.. Can’t wait to get back to something that works!