A drawing of a dog with bunny ears in ballpoint pen. You don’t see that so often.

Dog wearing bunny ears. Drawing in ballpoint penThis is a dog with bunny ears. Period.
I got a request to draw it in my inbox. It’s the first time that I have drawn this kind of cross-breed actually. Quite fascinating. A pretty thing if you ask me. I wonder if it bounces?
The original photo has some large highlighted segments where you don’t see any detail.. I suppose the drawing would have worked better if i “invented” some fur in those regions rather than just replicating the white, but I haven’t really gotten to “inventing” yet.. I suppose it’s an important part of making art, though, so maybe it’s a challenge I ought to focus more on..
See the original photo here. (original photo of bunny-dog)

I’m almost sleeping while writing this. I’m going to sleep now. Good night!