Monthly Archive: June, 2015

8 drawings from the last week.

Hi everyone. I’m still alive, and I’m still drawing pretty much every day. Sorry about not being too talkative about it. This is not exactly what a blog is supposed to be about,… Continue reading

Four drawings from the last couple of days

Hi guys! I’ve been absent for a few days here on my blog! There are multiple reasons for all that, but I’ve had to skip a few days. A lot of stuff is… Continue reading

A dog called Mylo drawn in ballpoint pen

It’s been 48 hours since my last drawing… 48, not 24.. Which means that I missed a day. Hmm – no need to beat myself up about it I suppose 😉 Here’s a… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Angel Doc in ballpoint pen

Here’s a cat called Angel Doc – I went a little overboard with the ears! Some of the proportions are a little off too. The cat ended up looking a little like a… Continue reading

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint pen.

This is a dog. A pretty one! I wanted to make up for the last three drawings that I wasn’t too happy with. I think this one turned out better. I hope you… Continue reading

Three nightshift cats from yesterday.

  Here are three cat drawings from yesterday’s night shift. They’re not the best drawings I’ve ever made, but still. They’re there! They’re my 533-535th drawings since 9th September 2014

A cat called Stryder in ballpoint pen

This is a cat called Stryder, lost by his owner a few weeks ago. The drawing was requested on twitter. This, quite beautiful cat reminded me of a drawing I had seen on… Continue reading

Streetview house somewhere in Canada. Sketched in ballpoint pen.

I’m sure some of my blogreaders must be tired of all the cats.. So here’s something I never do, although I keep telling myself to try and get better at it: perspective drawing!… Continue reading

Drawing commission of three cats in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! I’m happy to say that I just finished another commission! I’m really happy about this one. It’s on A4 sized watercolor-paper and it is done in pencil. I’m shipping this one… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Tia in ballpoint pen

Here’s a cat called Tia. In the photo reference you can’t see the eyes. I think my drawings work better with the eyes in focus because the cat’s expression and personality seem to… Continue reading