Drawing of Texas the cat in charcoal and ballpoint pen – oh and it’s #500 !

Here’s a drawing of a cat called Texas. This is another facebook request. This is my 500’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 ! That’s a lot of drawings! Number I did my 100’th, 200’th and 300’th drawings on much bigger paper and with much more effort put it, but these day’s I just don’t … Read more

Drawing of Casper the cat in pencil. How do you like this one? – Click to compare with photo

Drawing in pencil of a cat called Casper

Hi again! I managed to squeeze in a little time for another drawing today. This one is another facebook request – The cat is called Casper, and you can see the photo that I used here: Photo of Casper the cat That was my 499th drawing since the 9th September 2014! Tomorrow I’ll do number … Read more

Drawing of a cat called BearBear in pencil. What would you suggest for improving this?

Hi everyone. Today’s drawing is yet another facebook request – this cat is called BearBear (or maybe he’s called Bear and the owner wrote the name two times by mistake?) BearBear is not with us anymore, but lived to be 20 years old! I’m not sure what I think of this drawing. I decided to … Read more

A cat in ballpoint pen

Here’s another facebook request – here’s the original photo This is in fact a drawing gone bad with another drawing on top – slightly less bad but still bad. Blackness added for that “oh, it’s expressionism” feel trying to salvage things. Better luck next time! That was drawing number 497 https://www.facebook.com/OneDrawingDaily/posts/864916473580438

Ozzy the Chihuahua dog. Drawing in pencil

Here’s a Chihuahua called Ozzy for you. Each time I write “Chihuahua” it’s actually a copy/paste from somewhere else. I’d like to improve my English, but learning to spell “Chihuahua” is just a little too ambitious for me. I’m not even going to try. (Ok, I know that it’s not even of English origin) This … Read more