Drawing of Texas the cat in charcoal and ballpoint pen – oh and it’s #500 !

Sketch of a cat called Texas in pencil and ballpoint penHere’s a drawing of a cat called Texas. This is another facebook request.
This is my 500’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 ! That’s a lot of drawings! Number I did my 100’th, 200’th and 300’th drawings on much bigger paper and with much more effort put it, but these day’s I just don’t have the time to dedicate hours on one drawing, so all you get for number 500 is this sketch – that i hope you like!
It’s in charcoal and pencil. Charcoal is a medium that will take some getting used to for me – My eraser doesn’t work on it (although I’ve got that chewing-gum like thing that’s supposed to work)  – so it’s hard to correct like my ballpoint pen sketches, but to me, charcoal is “supposed” to be quick and loose – so I try to work quick. Quick + no possibility of corrections = many errors. The quality of this kind of drawing must be that the state of mind of the artist (and the skill) is captured as it is without any means of correction.

Texas is not with us anymore – I know that this kind of drawing doesn’t fall into everybody’s taste but I still hope that Texas’s owner will be happy with it.