Ozzy the Chihuahua dog. Drawing in pencil

Pencil drawing of Ozzy the Chihuahua dogHere’s a Chihuahua called Ozzy for you.
Each time I write “Chihuahua” it’s actually a copy/paste from somewhere else. I’d like to improve my English, but learning to spell “Chihuahua” is just a little too ambitious for me. I’m not even going to try. (Ok, I know that it’s not even of English origin)

This this yet another facebook drawing request. I think it turned out OK, although the proportions are a little off. It was actually worse in the beginning, but I managed to lower the top of the head a little bit. Now – with this kind of dog (avoiding to spell it out) I suppose you have to know them really well to clearly recognize when they’re out of proportion and when they’re.. Just being Chihuahua‘s.

And for comparison, see the original photo here