A sheltie dog called Eva. And she’s smiling. Drawing in ballpoint pen

Sketch of a Sheltie dog called EvaHere’s my daily drawing. Today I drew a Sheltie dog called Eva from the blog “Sheltie Beauties” – It’s been in my queue for a long time, but I finally got to it today.
You might think that I picked a rather strange photo to work from, and that might be so, but I actually really like these “odd” poses. In the same time I think it has the oppourtunity of teaching me something about dog anatomy that I would otherwise not be exposed to.. Or perhaps I just thought it looked funny and went with it. Who knows? 😉
The photo is a kind of “action shot” – the dog is in movement, and that makes for a very dynamic pose. Alternatively, the dog could be smiling sarcastically at a low-effort joke, but I don’t know if Shelties get jokes.

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This was my 489th drawing since September 2014