Drawings and sketches done in Rome

Hi everyone! – I’m back from my trip to Rome.
I thought that there would be Internet in the appartment, but it never got working in the week that I was there. I could have made an effort out of searching out cafés and restaurants with free wifi and all that, but I didn’t get around to it.
As with my trip to Prague I’m a little disappointed with the drawings that I’ve made. Traveling is such an opportunity to draw something that’s a little out of the ordinary, but there’s just so much to see in Rome, so I didn’t really have the time to sit down and sketch other than early in the morning or late at night! I even missed a day, which is something I suppose I’d have to face eventually. That’s the second time since I started.
Instead of making a separate post for each drawing, I’m just going to post them all here! I hope you like them, and sorry about the silence everyone 😉 (note that the drawings are in random order)

Sketch of airline passengers in ballpoint penQuick sketches done in the airplane.

Sketch of a house in Marino south of Rome
This is a house that I drew one morning from our balcony in Marino, a charming little town some 25km’s south of Rome.

Drawing of my shoe in ballpoint pen
My shoe. I did this one while waiting in the airport.

Drawing of buildings on a hillside by Lago Albano in Italy ballpoint penI really have troubles with landscapes. This looks like nothing. It’s supposed to be a hillside by the Lago Albano lake to the south of Rome

Drawing of my hand in Ballpoint pen
My hand

Still life drawing of my watch in ballpoint pen
My watch.. One late night after realizing that I hadn’t done a drawing that day.

View over Lago Albano close to Rome, ItalyAnother one from beside the Lago Albano.

Drawing of my hand done in ballpoint penMy hand

Sketch of my hand in ballpoint penAnd another hand

These 9 drawings were my 475th to 484th drawings.