Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Drawing of a cat called Millie

This is a cat that a facebook follower requested a few weeks ago! Today I picked the entry out of the hat! It’s gotten a bit late, so I’m off to bed. Have… Continue reading

Late night drawing of a cat called Godzilla in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! Here’s a drawing of a cat called Godzilla (I think). It was a request from Twitter! I did it at 5am this morning, very tired, so I’m actually surprised with the… Continue reading

A close-up drawing of my thumb! Ballpoint pen

Hi! Here’s a drawing from my night shift Friday! It is of my thumb. Not to worry, it is much smaller in reality. I wrote a blog entry a while back about hands.… Continue reading

A bearded dragon called Shirley in ballpoint pen

This is Shirley, a bearded dragon. I did another bearded dragon a week ago – One that I wasn’t too happy with. This one I think is better. I haven’t yet become used… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Tinncat in ballpoint pen

This is a cat called Tinncat – It was requested on Twitter. The cat in question is not among us anymore, but she still tweets on twitter! I think this one turned out… Continue reading

A labrador called Jasper in ballpoint pen

Today’s drawing is of Jasper the labrador. I’m told he likes to sit on chairs and look at people with a ball in his mouth, which is in fact what he is doing… Continue reading

Drawing of a Siamese cat in ballpoint pen

This is a drawing requested by ‏@OwenMeezer on twitter! I make drawings of people’s pets for free when I get requests on facebook and twitter. I’m afraid that this one turned out a… Continue reading

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint pen

Today’s drawing is this quick sketch of a dog, that a follower requested on twitter ! The requests are really going crazy these days, and with more of more entries in the draw,… Continue reading

A little dog called Cleo drawn in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! Today I picked this little dog called Cleo out from my list of daily drawing draw requests. Cute isn’t she? I think it turned out okay.. These fluffy dogs are hard… Continue reading

A long day and three mediocre drawings

Hi! Yesterday was my night shift day, and the morning after, we had stuff to do, so now after having slept early in the evening, I’m up late at night! What a mess!… Continue reading