Monthly Archive: April, 2015

Drawing of a cat called Truffles in ballpoint pen

A fellow blogger from Mochas Mysteries Meows asked me to do a drawing of her cat, Truffles! The eyes didn’t turn out so good – but I think the fur went all right!… Continue reading

Drawing of Dust Bunny the cat

Tom from Cats in the Bar asked me to draw his muse, Dust Bunny This is it! I’m not sure, if it’s a real living thing, or if he just took a picture… Continue reading

Drawing of an orange in Ballpoint pen

This one I did in the early morning hours after the end of my night shift.. I always have an hour to kills while waiting for the buses to start running! It’s an… Continue reading

Still life of a pear, an apple and a banana in ballpoint pen

This one I did yesterday evening upon arriving at my Friday night-shift. They’re fruits. The apple and the banana were good – the pear tasted like water! 428

Kali the cat – drawing in watercolor and ballpoint pen

I already did a drawing of the siamese cat Shoko the other day, but now the owner asked my to do one of her other cat, Kali I enjoy making requests and it’s… Continue reading

Still life of three tomatoes and an eggplant. Drawing in ballpoint pen

I couldn’t decide what to draw today, so I went and had a look in the kitchen. This was some of the things I saw. Three tomatoes and an eggplant. The plate turned… Continue reading

Drawing of a fly in ballpoint pen

This is a close-up drawing of a fly! I did another fly a little while back – I’m thinking about doing more insects.. I know they’re disgusting, but they’re also fascinating to see… Continue reading