Monthly Archive: April, 2015

Sketch of a cat called Cody in ballpoint pen

Here’s the photo of Cody that I used. Cody hangs out over at “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody” – Caren is also the owner of Dakota the Sheepdog that I drew a… Continue reading

Austin the cat. Sketch in ballpoint pen

Here’s a cat called Austin, a drawing requested by Caro from the UK who blogs over at Go have a look 🙂 This one was a little difficult, and I think that… Continue reading

Drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat – in ballpoint pen

This is a drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat! – Other than being a happy goat, she’s also a very beautiful goat in my opinion! Look at that friendly face! This… Continue reading

Hand in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! This is a rough sketch of my hand that I did yesterday evening while I was waiting to start my night shift. I’ve drawn a lot of hands before. Mostly in… Continue reading

A rabbit called Speedy. Drawing in ballpoint pen

Here’s a drawing of a rabbit – but not any rabbit. This is Speedy the cheeky house bunny whom I was requested to draw. Don’t hesitate to send me requests – but please… Continue reading

Sketch of a cat named Phoebe as tired as I am. Ballpoint pen.

Let me start apologizing to Phoebe the cat, who looks much less like me in reality. Thanks for the request, though! I studied until very late yesterday (this morning) and got up very… Continue reading

Sketch of a cat named Ellie in ballpoint pen and India ink

I got a request from The Florida Furkids to draw one of the cats – I picked this great photo of Ellie the cat yawning (or meowing?) I’ve been wanting to learn to… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Binky in ballpoint pen and india ink

I got a request from the owner of the blog Angelwhisper2011 asking me to make a drawing of her cat Binky! This is how it turned out! Just as I started drawing, the… Continue reading

Drawing of Houdini, the Yorkshire Terrier in ballpoint pen.

This unbelievable little thing is no stuffed animal – It’s Houdini – a ten-month old Yorkshire Terrier who lives Hotel Thompson with his friend Bacon. Read more about Houdini here. I think it… Continue reading

Sketch of a Shetland Sheepdog called Dakota in ballpoint pen

Here’s a request I got for drawing Dakota the Shetland Sheepdog who resides over at the blog called Dakotas Den. This one was rather quick as you can see – I wanted to… Continue reading