Monthly Archive: April, 2015

Drawing of a cat called Trinny in ballpoint pen and India ink

Here’s a cat called Trinny. Her owner requested a drawing via Facebook, and I picked her photo randomly out of the queue.. (with a randomness generator at !) She was really fun… Continue reading

Sketch of a dog named Lily in ballpoint pen

Here is Lily. She’s a dog sharing household with the blogger from GentleStitches. Comparing this one to the one I did of Adi the dog yesterday, this one is a little more messy… Continue reading

Sketch of a dog called Adi in ballpoint pen

I got the spontaneous idea today to offer to make drawings in return for facebook shares. I just went with it, and I already got six requests! – Now – I suspect that… Continue reading

Get a free drawing of your pet!

Would you like me to make a drawing of your pet dinosaur, cat, wolf, dog, goat, rabbit or kangaroo? Like OneDrawingDaily on Facebook OR TWITTER or INSTAGRAM, and let me know about it… Continue reading

Drawing of a little cat called Stitch in ballpoint pen and India ink

This is a request I got from someone who’d like a drawing of her cat Stitch. For once it isn’t a blogger! One of the reasons I take requests is to get a… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Zoey in ballpoint pen and watercolor

This is Zoey the cat from A blog about.. Cats! On an island! Go read it! And thanks to the for the request! I didn’t feel 100% “in the zone” for… Continue reading

Sketch of Newton (the cat, not the scientist. Or is it a cat scientist?) in ballpoint pen

That cat is called Newton. He lives over at the blog “Cats Herd You” which is a statement that doesn’t surprise me a bit! It’s hard to do a furry foreground with a… Continue reading

Drawing of Merlin – the 20 year-old siamese cat in ballpoint pen and india ink

This is a request that I got from Layla from Catwisdom101. The cat is called Merlin and is 20 years old! The reference photo of Merlin is here. I did this one in… Continue reading

Painting of Waffles the singing cat in watercolor and ballpoint pen.

Here’s a cat that Glogirly requested. He’s called Waffles, and i hear that he likes to eat chicken. (And to sing) I got a commentary from someone who thought that by ballpoint-pen drawings… Continue reading

Strangely expressive sketch of Fenris the dog in ballpoint pen, india ink and white goache

Well – it was supposed to be a dog called Fenris. I got a request from “Alasandra the cats & dogs” to do a drawing, and I picked the dog Fenris. It went… Continue reading