A cat called Frankie who doesn’t wan’t to come out from under the car. Drawing in ballpoint pen.

Drawing of a grumpy cap called Frankie hiding under a car. Ballpoint penThis is a request i got on from my facebook-drawing-draw – The requester is the blog and cat-owner from Bad Cat Chris – he also has a facebook page that you can follow. This cat, despite the name of the blog and the facebook page, is called Frankie, and in the reference photo, he’s in a not-so-cooporative mood after having graciously been permitted some outside time by his owners. He’s hiding under a car.

I chose the photo because of the pose and the cat’s expression. Like yesterday’s cat-drawing, I had some difficulties with the proportions but I think I corrected most of it. There still might be some problems with the shape of the head and the detailing of the mouth. For the background, like yesterday, I brought out my fat rotring ballpoint pen, that I’ve had In my pencil case since 2009! It’s nice to rediscover things in that way.. Back when I started architecture school I bought some stuff that I thought that I would need for sketching, and then after figuring out that I didn’t know how to use them, they sort of just stayed away hidden for some time.. I’m surprised it hasn’t dried out.

This was my 469th drawing