Katie Isabella. Cat drawing in ballpoint pen.

Sketch of a cat called Katie Isabella in ballpoint penThis is Katie Isabella – A blogging cat for my cat-blog-queue. That’s the request list I had before I started the facebook thing. I suppose I’m keeping them both.
This photo is based on a really nice photo. I thought that it was almost given that the drawing would turn out good when the photo was so nice, so I just attached the paper fearlessly with my pen. A little too fearlessly, because it turned out really weird with an ear and an eye in the wrong place. I do need to dedicate the time that it takes. I think i saved it, though. I can’t see the original problems present in this drawing. I tried making the whiskers with a “correction pen” and i actually quite like the result. The crazy black background too.

I’m quite happy with it for a quick drawing like that. Maybe Katie’s nose looks a little off though.. But you can’t have it all !

This was my 468th drawing.