Drawing of a dog called Shasta in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a dog called Shasta in ballpoint penHi everyone.
This is another one from Facebook. I picked it randomly out of my list of requests.
This dog is called Shasta, and is sadly not amongst us anymore.

I hope you like this one.
I’ll soon get to the last pages of my current watercolor sketchbook – the new one I bought to replace it is an ordinary note-book with thinner pages. I know for a fact that it will not work with watercolor, and I’m having my doubts with the india ink. Perhaps I can use ink and only draw on every other page in order to prevent too much problems with the ink bleeding through the pages. Anyway the idea of getting “cheaper” paper to draw on, it to take some of the pressure out of the sketches. Not that I feel stressed about it at all, but I think it’ll be easier to just draw a quick sketch of whatever I see once in a while, if I’m not “wasting” a piece of quality watercolor paper each time. I got some larger sketchbooks specifically for watercolor a while back, but I haven’t had the time to really get some drawing done in those. I’d have to, though if i want to do watercolor in the future !
Now to get on with my studies!