Delilah the cat. Sketch in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a cat called Delilah in ballpoint penDear friends  – this is how I draw when I haven’t slept for 36 hours. I’ve had stuff to do immediately after my night shift this morning, and in the afternoon I had some time on my hands. I decided to try and do a drawing from one of the facebook shares. This one is of a cat called Delilah. I’m not overly satisfied with my drawing – in fact, I feel a little bad about presenting it to the owner of the cat. My project of drawing one (or multiple) sketches per day is all about quantity. Sometimes I end up really happy with the result. Other times not so much. A drawing can say so much. In this case, the story that it tells it probably more that if a dog tired cat-artist rather than something about the cat.. I would have liked to show you a bit more of this cat’s personality, though because she looks like a funny one!

Read more about Delilah and other cats at  which is the blog where she and her owner hangs out!